D O C . 2 8 7 A G A I N S T P U N I S H M E N T O F H O M O S E X U A L S 2 8 3 287. Against Punishment of Homosexuals [Einstein 1929h] Dated 19 October 1928[1] Published 1929 In: Richard Linsert, §297 “Unzucht zwischen Männern?” Ein Beitrag zur Strafgesetz- reform. Berlin: Neuer Deutscher Verlag, 1929, p. 115. Your criticism contained in your letter of a passage in the proposed general Ger- man Penal Code is in my opinion completely justified,[2] since such a provision can have neither just nor beneficial effects. Hopefully in this case reason will win out for once and not the mixture of prudery and apathy that we are used to seeing in such things.
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