3 9 6 D O C U M E N T S 4 3 9 , 4 4 0 M A R C H 1 9 2 9 439. From Fritz Haber Berlin-Dahlem, Faradayweg 8, 14 March 1929 Dear Einstein, Among the great things that I have experienced in this world, the content of your life and work reaches deepest. In a few hundred years the common man will see our time as the period of world war, but the learned will connect the first quarter of the century with your name, just as today the former associates the end of the sev- enteenth century with Louis XIV’s[1] wars and the latter associates it with Isaac Newton. Then there will be so much of each of the rest of us, as though there were a connection between us and the great events of the time, and in your biography, if it is sufficiently detailed in my opinion, it will not remain unmentioned that you had me as a partner for more or less pointed comments on the business of the academe as well as the more or less terrible coffee that came along with it.[2] In that way I am serving my own future fame and personal legacy in history when I strongly urge you on your fiftieth birthday to take care of yourself so that you remain healthy and I can go on scoffing and drinking coffee with you and being quietly vain about be- longing the group who lives with you in the closer and more personal sense. Your friend, Fritz Haber 440. From Kaiser Wilhelm-Institut für Physikalische Chemie und Elektrochemie Berlin-Dahlem, 14 March 1929 Dear Professor Einstein, Allow us, the physicists of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physical Chemistry, to say to you on your fiftieth birthday how much we all honor and respect you, your personality as much as your achievements. We are proud and pleased that you also belong to our circle, and that, when you are enjoying good health, we can see you and hear you speak every week of the semester in our physics colloquium. Your questions and your criticisms are for us the most essential content of our meetings. It was thus a great pain and a heavy loss for all of us that your illness forced you for so long to miss our weekly get-togethers and all the greater was our joy to see you again in your accustomed place on the last Wednesday in February, and to hear your very familiar voice.
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