D O C U M E N T S 4 6 3 , 4 6 4 M A R C H 1 9 2 9 4 1 5 difficult youth, the good people who have almost all left life or my circle of acquaintances behind. I myself[3] have become a sickly, gray-haired man, but whose cheerful spirit and joy in playing music have remained. My parents died long ago.[4] I am glad for you that you have been able to keep your mother with you.[5] Best regards to you and her from your old A. Einstein 463. To the Ehrenfest Family [Berlin,] 22 March 1929 Dear Ehrenfests, How sweetly you’re all grinning. When one sees you it’s like a delicious Gutsli[1] in one’s mouth, and the jolliest are Tanja and Pawlick.[2] But where is Paul I? His picture must be sent on as well. Hugs to all of you from your uncle, A. E. who is eating his way through the notes of congratulation like a paper worm. Al- ways steadily at it. The ticker is better again, so I can hope to turn up again some- time in Leyden. Dear E., You were right. I ruefully returned to Hamilton with the . 464. To Alfred Einstein [Berlin?] 22 March 1929 Dear Mr. Einstein, You rare bird, not only among with my name, but also among the pencil pushers! How pleased I am to have met you and have you nearby. Thanks for the nice letter.[1] By the way, Vivant sequentes[2] Sincerely yours, A. Einstein h s
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