4 3 8 D O C U M E N T 5 0 7 A P R I L 1 9 2 9 to great trouble with the cooking. There is a good prospect of renting[4] the house, which would make me very happy. Mr. L. is remaining in Berlin for an extended period. He is staying with his brother.[5] Invite him over he was so good to me and he likes you very much. Greetings and kisses to all three of you[6] from your Albert How could I do something nice for Ilse? Rack your brains a little. Genia is coming tomorrow at noon.[7] I’m curious. 508. “Einstein Believes in ‘Spinoza’s God’” [Einstein 1929ee] Received 24 April 1929 Published 25 April 1929 In: The New York Times, 25 April 1929, p. 6. [See documentary edition for English text.] 509. Patent for Sound Reproduction Using Magnetostriction [Einstein and Goldschmidt 1934] Application date 25 April 1929 Published 10 January 1934 In: Reichspatentamt Patentschrift Nr 590 783. [Not selected for translation.] 510. To Ethel Michanowsky-Charol[1] [Berlin, 25 April 1929] [See documentary edition for English text.]
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