7 0 D O C U M E N T S 4 8 , 4 9 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 2
could be cured by means of a fifth dimension. While thinking about whether the
primary emission proceeds in a spherical wave, the following experiment occurred
to me now. Very obliquely incident cathode rays K produce on one of two parallel
plates of the same thickness, at A, planar
light. The plates generate interference with-
out phase differences—provided emission
proceeds in a spherical wave. Does a similar
experiment exist? A positive result is very
probable, however.
Warm regards, yours,
48. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein
[Berlin, 12 February 1922]
My dear boys,
You are shrouded in mysterious silence again, you rascals. I am feeling well, but
there’s little news. The experiment on which I had placed so much importance
proves nothing for and nothing against the undulatory theory, so all the labors of
love were actually in
Did you send the four photographs that were left over
from the 10 + 2 to my friend: Kuno Kocherthaler, 9 Lealtad, Madrid, d[ear] Albert?
If not, do it directly, but don’t forget. I still don’t have a sailboat but am on the
It simply has to be a very sturdy one, because everyone is so anxious
that my precious life not be put in danger. I’m very keen on spending our summer
vacation in my castle
Heartfelt greetings to all three of you from your
D[ear] Albert, please go to the Zurich Kantonalbank and inquire there about why I
supposedly have 4,000 marks deposited there and then write me about it. I received
from there notification to that effect, which I cannot explain. Ask please when and
from whom the money was deposited there.
49. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, between 12 February and 4 March
Dear Papa,
I really haven’t written you for a very long time now; but there are two reasons
for it: First, I don’t have any news at all; and second, I’ve got quite a lot to do at
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