D O C U M E N T S 5 0 , 5 1 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 2 7 1 school now.[2] The photographs went out.[3] Now we’re feeling quite well. Teddy also had the flu. We’re going to have to move out by April 1st but I don’t quite know where we’ll end up I’ll write you when I do.[4] We’re excited about this summer, at the castle.[5] Hopefully we can somehow play music together then, as well. I, for inst., played the Tartini sonata in G minor[6] and am very keen on hearing it played nicely for once. I’m also tackling something completely new. I’m learning to dance imagine that! The modern things are more Negro [Neger]—than dancing, but there’s no harm in that. You asked about 4,000 marks: they’re from Dresdener Bank, as refund for the year 1919.[7] Recently, I’ve been playing piano quite a lot, I accompany Prof. von Gonzenbach[8] and Miss Hurwitz,[9] for instance, too. The double bass is flourishing as well we played in two concerts again.[10] It’s a pity that nothing came of that light experiment.[11] What are they doing with the gyroscopes, by the way? Did they finish the suspension mechanism already or not?[12] How did the ice box and its competitor turn out?[13] We’re notic- ing that we’re heading for the Matura finals now, all right there’s a sense of wrap- ping up our studies. Many greetings from, Adn. 50. From Eduard Einstein [Zurich, between 12 February and 4 March 1922][1] Dear Papa, I’m better again now and can go back to school.[2] I’m very excited about the summer as well. If we can play music then, I can do a bit of accompaniment, too. I can already play a piece by Corelli and a couple of gavottes. Many greetings from Teddy. 51. To Madeleine Rolland[1] Berlin, 15 February 1922 Esteemed Madam, I surely do not need to tell you how highly I value the cause in which you have placed your service, and how very pleased I am to receive an invitation from you to your meeting in upper Italy.[2] If I am unable to accept this invitation it is not for lack of interest or the courage to profess it, but for the following reason: ever since my theories received such an astonishing degree of popularity, I am being invited
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