D O C U M E N T 4 7 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 2 6 9
asked you in my postcard whether I had read correctly “9 Scultur
didn’t answer this question—please do so finally.–
As I already informed you, we now managed to raise the concentration of the Au
ions up to 6.96 ×
thanks to the coprocessing of a local preparation of 1.00 ×
and one from Methu[en] 1.08 ×
I received the report by Villars just now
that he manufactured for us a preparation of approx. 0.38 ×
all in our units.
But, you see, the concentration is so low that it’s perhaps better to wait with it until
you come here again and then ask Villars to send it; he’ll have a higher concentra-
tion by then, all right.
Please immediately choose when you’ll be coming to Leyden.—Our Easter hol-
idays will be from 8 April incl. until 24 April incl. Before Easter, Lorentz is hardly
likely to be back
In March my wife will possibly be away
In this short
period I cannot arrange anything either for

After Easter the weather ought to be very nice here.–
We could set one part of the eventual discussions (e.g., redsh.) within the period
(vacation!) from 19 April until 24 April.–
Choose quickly and reliably!! and answer me immediately. Regards to all of you
together, yours,
P. Ehrenfest Leyden
46. From Joan Voûte[1]
Batavia, Weltevreden 11 February 1922 Java
[Not selected for translation.]
47. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin, 12 February 1922]
Dear Ehrenfest,
In the same post I am sending you the correction proof of my notice about the
ray path in dispersive
It’s nice how simply the business comes out. Your
note about the high concentration of Au ions is very welcome, considering that the
state of our examination here makes such a high concentration appear very
The address of our Madrid colleague is: 9 Lealtad (Kuno Kochertha-
It would be preferable if we could shift the congress to the end of
I was with you for so long just
I’m glad that your wife can
now also go away for
I can’t grasp her opinion that the quantum difficulty
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