1 5 0 D O C U M E N T S 1 6 3 , 1 6 4 A P R I L 1 9 2 2
my last respects; however, I was informed about it too late [and] Vienna was also
too far away given my circumstances.
Yes, indeed, we all are simply growing old now and have to make room for the
youngsters. That is why my hour will soon strike too . . .
My wife and I still feel relatively well for these times;
is married and
has been living in Spain since c. 15 years. He presently resides in Madrid. Our
daughter Annita is likewise married since 3 years and lives in Hamburg. Both are
doing well.
It would give us much pleasure if we could see and greet you again sometime as
well, after so many years. I read about your lectures in America, England, and Paris
with great interest and wish you the best of success.
Mr. Gehring, who had also been in the employ of your father Mr. Einstein in
Munich for many years, lives here too and is working for Maffei
In closing, I send you and your esteemed family my best regards and sign in the
hope of seeing you again soon, as yours very sincerely,
S. Kornprobst and spouse.
163. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin, 24 April 1922]
Dear Ehrenfest,
Thanks for the
I’m arriving Saturday, 11h56 in Amsterdam, which
I hope is in time for the
For I don’t remember precisely at what time it
starts. That was a good thought of yours.
Cordial regards and looking forward to seeing you, yours,
Then we’ll write the piece about Hamilton’s works
164. To Sebastian Kornprobst
24 April 1922
Dear Mr. Kornprobst,–
It was a great pleasure for me to hear news about you, recently indirectly and
now even directly, after such a long time and to hear that you and yours are doing
My mother died already 2 years ago in B[er]l[i]n; just recently also Mrs.
Ida Einstein in
Yesterday Robert E[instein], formerly Bubi, who lives in
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