3 1 4 D O C U M E N T S 3 1 1 , 3 1 2 A U G U S T 1 9 2 4
311. From Eduard Einstein
[Zurich, 27 August
Dear Papa,
Now we’ve been alone at home for quite a long time already. The trip went quite
that is, we arrived in Zurich in a slow train around 11 o’clock at night after
we had missed the right
I then had to go to school the very next morning.
We mostly cook at home, or better said,
cooks and I help with the eat-
ing. It always went well; just once, we made omelets with bad eggs and I felt sick
2 days afterwards. Another time, though, we had very good pork.
One time we also overslept and I unfortunately missed the 1st class, precisely
the one with our terrifying geography teacher. Otherwise, everything’s going quite
well at school.
Are you now coming to Zurich in the fall? Maybe we’ll already be in our
Or can I come along with you to Holland? I could possibly take a little
longer vacation, you know.
Many greetings from your
312. To Tatiana Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa
[Berlin,] 28 August 1924
Dear Mrs. Ehrenfest,
It is nice that the League of Nations received this little sum and handed it over
to us for
I already indirectly contacted Prof. S.
I am going
to receive a list and be able to discuss it with your husband when he returns from
Prior to that, nothing will happen about this matter. We should not forget
also to look for Russians staying in countries other than Germany, because the sum
is given for needy Russians who are in exile. 100,000 lire are 20,000 M, so not all
that much. We should, if possible, give preference to cases in which a lasting ser-
vice can be rendered (e.g., making possible final examinations, etc.). At the begin-
ning of October, I shall be coming back to Leyden and, to my great pleasure, to all
of you. Hopefully the De
whom I like very much as well, will also al-
ready be there then. The scientific things all misfired on the whole, one thing just
very recently, on which I had placed great
I shall tell you about it later.
Geneva appealed to me very
There is much good will and earnestness
on the committee. Even
was better than I had expected. It actually pleas-
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