D O C U M E N T 3 1 0 A U G U S T 1 9 2 4 3 1 3
No decision between (1) and (2) can be reached independent of experience. The
notion of independent atom-like quanta demands (1); experience, however, de-
mands (2). Therefore, Bose’s derivation cannot be regarded as an actual theoretical
basis for Planck’s law, rather only as its reduction to a certainly simple, yet arbi-
trarily statistical elementary hypothesis,.
I applied Bose’s approach to gas
This, likewise, thus implicitly as-
sumes certain statistical dependencies between the molecules’ states, for which the
theory of gases as such offers no clues. It would therefore be all the more interest-
ing to know whether real gases behave in accordance with this theory.
With regards from your colleague,
A. E.
310. From Hans Albert Einstein
Zurich, 27 August
Dear Papa,
Our homeward trip was very
Only, we traveled along the lake instead of
staying on the express train. That was very pretty, but we couldn’t catch the express
train anymore. One of those Bavarian customs rascals told us we’d surely run into
difficulties in Austria without a visa, which was a downright filthy lie, of course.
The main thing was that we still did manage to get home.
Now we’ve been on our own for about 10 days already and it’s going quite
The state of the boat is catastrophic (prospects look very
probably not going to line it at all but rather use the material otherwise.
I’ve already started to dig into
it just doesn’t fit well with the house
chores. I’ll be glad when Mama comes back. With a little pluck, cooking is working
out quite well; roast or cutlet or potato salad and so forth are a cinch for me!
I’m very sorry that I didn’t already send you this enclosed letter before, but I
completely forgot about it. Hopefully it doesn’t matter.
Many greetings from
N. B. How’s the experiment
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