D O C U M E N T S 2 4 2 , 2 4 3 J U LY 1 9 2 8 2 3 5 242. To Hans Albert Einstein Scharbeutz bei Lübeck [22 July 1928] Dear Albert, I greatly enjoyed your letter, but you must not think that you have to write to me regularly, as is usual in proper bourgeois families.[1] (I have even finally broken my leaking pen in your honor and look like a Negro who is trying, with little success, to conceal his heritage by helpless washing.) I’m sitting here on the beach in as much peace as is left me by the dear Berliners etc. Seclusion and escape provide no protection there. So far as my illness is concerned, I seem to be slowly improving, but I am still weak on my old legs. At least here I'm not bothered by doctors. They’re like the priests and sorcerers of yore, only they base their power still more directly on the stupidity of other people. Tetel appears to have no tuberculosis, but apart from that the apex of the lung is affected. Mama wrote me about it.[2] It’s too bad that I cannot spend the vacation with Tetel, and that he is so alone up there.[3] I’ve read part of Buber’s book, but I find it rather insipid.[4] I liked the little book on the economic wizards considerably better, because it is significantly juicier. I’m currently reading Rabelais with Frau Mendel [5] it is also pithy. Here I look down on the bay of Lübeck, a splendid landscape, but damn! I can’t sail around it. As for the house, nothing is happening yet, and probably won’t because of the women’s inability to make decisions.[6] But I don’t care, because it’s still not the kind of primitive existence that I like. If I once again got so far that I didn’t have to sit around and wait for the blessed end I would already be satisfied. Let me know when you receive your ultimate lodging so that we can look for the piano.[7] Best regards to you both[8] from your Papa 243. To Ludwig Lewin[1] Berlin, 22 July 1928 Dear Dr. Lewin, I would like to bring up again in writing a subject that we discussed during our last conversation. I persist wherever it is a question of intervening in behalf of ed- ucational institutions, but precisely regarding Lessing University, of whose effec- tiveness I have long been aware, I am especially eager to say how valuable and how much in the public interest in the best sense of the term I consider this institution to be.[2]
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