D O C U M E N T 2 7 1 a S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 8 2 6 9 There would also be the possibility of the following two combinations: De Broglie Heisenberg Schrödinger 1 prize Born[8] 1 prize Jordan[9] The combination De Broglie-Schrödinger would be impeccable. But Born and Jordan are less deserving than Heisenberg and then this solution would take only the theoretical achievements into account, which are indeed in this case the more important, but have not yielded the most certain results. Happy not to have to make the final choice, I sign most respectfully, A. Einstein 271a. To the “A. E. Group” of the Riverside Church, New York[1] Scharbeutz bei Lübeck, 26 September 1928 To the “A.E. Group” in New York The church requires of its saints that they be dead only then can they be fairly certain that there will not be any unforeseen surprises. But you have been more au- dacious and have elected me, still somewhat alive, as your patron saint. May this foolishness serve you well and may good humor and friendship prevail in your ranks. May the patron saint’s brooding and frowning not bother you, especially when you are assembled under his halo. If you need a motto, I recommend the following to you: Try to understand everyone, Scorn no one, Don’t believe anything blindly. Kind regards, your patron saint A. Einstein.
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