Vol. 1, 35a. To Hermann and Pauline Einstein[1] [Lindau, 26 September 1897] Genewein[2] arrived safe and sound in Bregenz yesterday evening. Wonderful weather. Tomorrow Hechingen.[3] Buchau[4] probably fell through. Best wishes, your Albert Vol. 1, 74a. To Pauline Einstein [Venice, 5 September 1900] D[ear] Pauline, Completely delighted with our stay in Venice, we send you our greetings[1] again. Leaving for Verona + Isola[2] tomorrow morning. Arrival in Milano forse[3] Friday Hermann Greetings from the sea! Seaside resort, coffee, and music and the most beautiful sunshine! Your Albert Vol. 7, 53a. Aphorism on the Illusion of Individuality March 1921 The splendor of the individual in the social machinery is based on the others’ illusions and their need of illusions. Albert Einstein
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