Vol. 1, 35a. To Hermann and Pauline Einstein[1] [Lindau, 26 September 1897] Genewein[2] gestern abend in Bregenz gesund & wohl getroffen. Wetter wundervoll. Morgen Hechingen.[3] Buchau[4] wahrscheinlich ins Wasser gefallen. Tausend Gruße Euer Albert AKS (Christie’s online auction sale 16447, London, 2 May 2018, lot 5). [97 141]. The postcard is ad- dressed “Sgr. Hermann Einstein Via Bigli 21. Milano Italia” and postmarked “Lindau/Bodensee 26 Sep 7–8 N[ach]m[ittags] 97” with secondary postmark “Milano 27 9–97 5S[era].” The entry to the port in Lindau is depicted on the recto. Greetings from Fritz Genewein are omitted. [1] Einstein’s parents, Hermann (1847–1902) and Pauline (1858–1920) Einstein. [2] Fritz Genewein (1878–1951) was one of Einstein’s Munich schoolmates. [3] Most likely to visit Einstein’s aunt and uncle, Fanny Einstein-Koch (1852–1926) and Rudolf Einstein (1843–1926). Rudolf was the owner of a large textile factory in Hechingen. [4] Hermann Einstein’s birthplace. Vol. 1, 74a. To Pauline Einstein [Venice, 5 September 1900] L. Pauline! Hochentzückt von dem Aufenthalt in Venedig senden wir Dir neuerdings uns. Grüße.[1] Morgen früh Abreise nach Verona + Isola.[2] Ankunft in Milano forse[3] Freitag Hermann Einen Gruß vom Meeresufer! Dabei Seebad, Kaffee, und Musik u schönster Sonnenschein! Dein Albert. AKS (Christie’s online auction sale 16447, 2 May 2018, lot 11). [97 142]. The postcard is addressed “Sig.a Pauline Einstein Via Bigli 21 Milano” and postmarked “Ve[ne]zia Ferrovia 5 9. [19]00 11S[era].” A vista of St. Mark’s Basilica viewed from the San Marco Basin is depicted on the recto. [1] For the planned joint trip to Venice, see Einstein to Mileva Marić, 9? August 1900 (Vol. 1, Doc. 71). [2] Hermann Einstein had obtained concessions for the installation and operation of electric lighting systems in Canneto sull’Oglio, west of Mantua, and Isola della Scala, south of Verona in February 1899 and April 1900, respectively (see Vol. 1, “Beitrag für sein Lebensbild,” p. lv, note 29). For the envisaged visit to the plants, see Einstein to Mileva Marić, 9? August 1900 (Vol. 1, Doc. 71). [3] Italian for “possibly.”
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