D O C U M E N T S 4 4 7 , 4 4 8 M A R C H 1 9 2 9 3 9 9 447. To Hermann Weyl [Berlin, after 14 March 1929] Dear Weyl, Many thanks for the lovely telegram! I have started over and over again to read your wonderful quantum book.[1] But teleparallelism won’t allow me the necessary quiet time for that. With kindest regards to you and to your wife, your A. Einstein Best (teleparallel) regards to Eisenhart and also to Veblen, if he has already returned.[2] 448. To Chaim Herman Müntz [?,] Friday [15 March 1929][1] Dear Mr. Müntz, A more careful consideration of the new theoretical idea shows that it leads to extremely simple and satisfying results. I am sending you the elaboration here,[2] and request that you repeat my calculations independently (including the numerical factors), since I am tired and not completely convinced that it does not contain computational errors. I would also be grateful if you would carry out the most re- cently indicated calculation, i.e., inserting (9d) into the identities (6) for the that follow from (9a).[3] For the case that one may set the equal to zero, the Hamilton function is simplified to the form that we used earlier:[4] . It is interesting that is related dimensionally to Planck’s h but that could be a coincidence.[5]— The compatibility is no problem at all here, since everything follows from Hamilton.[6] Kind regards, A. Einstein G* S  H I 1 I 3 =
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