3 9 8 D O C U M E N T S 4 4 4 4 4 6 M A R C H 1 9 2 9 444. To Ludwig Hopf[1] [Berlin, after 14 March 1929][2] Dear Hopf, Many thanks for your congratulations and the fine delicacies from the hometown.[3] If this little note arrives late, then you can imagine the reason. The postman just laughs when he drops off his pile at my place. The new theory (relativity with distant parallelism) has now, finally, been brought to a definite conclusion.[4] I believe rather solidly in it, but I am the only one of whom that can be said. Kind regards, your A. Einstein 445. To Alfred Kerr [Berlin, after 14 March 1929][1] Dear Mr. Kerr, Thanks very much for your little book,[2] your kind good wishes, and the speech you gave at the Fischers’,[3] which Fama brought me. You have elevated me so highly that I wouldn’t be able to breathe, were I not able—when you aren’t looking, naturally—to return to lower levels. I was delighted to see you yesterday with the lovely Musica—she was so lovely in her youth, and what has become of her is such a pity! Kind regards, your A. Einstein 446. To Dora Stern[1] [Berlin, after 14 March 1929][2] Dear Miss Stern, Thank you very much for the kind words.[3] You are so near and yet I almost never see you. That should not continue. In May I am boarding a very beautiful sailing ship,[4] and I would like to ask you for something. I was very sick and have to take lots of time to recover. But you have little time. I therefore beg you to tell me when you will have the time and inclina- tion to sail with me. Then we’ll go together it will do you good. In the meantime, kind regards from your A. Einstein
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