D O C U M E N T S 4 8 8 , 4 8 9 A P R I L 1 9 2 9 4 2 9 488. To Selig Brodetsky Berlin, 8 April 1929 Dear Mr. Brodetsky, Sincere thanks for your kind letter, the reading of which posed, and still poses, a problem for me that is not to be underestimated.[1] It is especially kind of you not to have been frightened away from me by my obstinate attitude in regard to the university.[2] Among my articulate Jewish brothers, I am in the position of a savage who can only make himself convincingly understood by means of gestures. You must regard my action in this way, and not as a lack of sincere fellowship. Even if I do not live to see the day when I can revoke my action, I shall never cease to feel that the affairs of the university in Jerusalem are close to my heart. I believe that I can deal best with a matter by following my instinct without too much reflection. This has proved to be best up to now. At the same time, however, I think that your and Weizmann’s[3] more conciliatory attitude may have been correct for your more politically versed natures. The main thing remains, that all actions have the sole aim of service to the university. I hope therefore that even the rough path will lead to a fine end. Kind regards, your A. Einstein 489. To Semen L. Frank Berlin W., 8 April 1929 Dear Professor Frank, State Councilor Teitel and Rabbi Emil Cohn have visited me and asked me to serve as honorary chairman of a charitable project to aid Russian emigrants.[1] At first, I declined, but offered to join the narrower committee. Afterward I retracted this offer, for two reasons: 1. Without any justification, the people involved told the press that I was their hon- orary chairman. 2. I received from a quite reliable source unfavorable information about the busi- ness practices of the men running the project. I ask you to inform me, under the strictest confidentiality, regarding this last point, because I don’t want to do anyone an injustice, but rather to be of use if the circumstances allow it.— Please let me know right away. Best regards, sincerely yours, A. Einstein
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