4 3 0 D O C U M E N T S 4 9 0 , 4 9 2 A P R I L 1 9 2 9 490. To the Jewish National and University Library Berlin NW 52, 8 April 1929 Dear Sirs: We congratulate you on the completion of the David Wolffsohn House for the library, and express our joy that you will be able to dedicate your new rooms at a formal reception to be held on 28 April (during the intermediary days of Passover).[1] At this celebration our long-standing secretary, Professor Heinrich Loewe, will personally present our good wishes.[2] This will be the warrant that we are resolved to serve the great goals of the library, the university, and the culture with the same love and devotion as always. With best regards and the greatest esteem, The Representative of the Society of Friends of the Jerusalem Library,[3] Deputy Chairman Treasurer A. Einstein Emil Dammann[4] 491. On the Importance of the British Elections for German Pacifists[1] [Berlin, after 8 April 1929][2] [Not selected for translation.] 492. To Charlotte Weigert[1] [Berlin, 10 April 1929] Dear Miss Weigert, Warm thanks for your kind letter. Here I sit with my fifty years and 1,000 letters, signs of undeserved love. As sick as I was, I cannot compare with you in patience for not I, but only my heart had to suffer. God gave a thick skin to those he favors— as he also did in my case. The business about the little house is romantic but too long to write about. Reporting on that would take forever.[2] Helen Katz[3] has also written very kindly. She visited us last summer. She seems to be blooming despite marriage.[4] I am writing this mishmash in my little study. It has become a remark- able mishmash, but my belfry is also not in such good order as a proper letter, so such a scribble mirrors the soul better than a decent discourse. Wishing you a good time and good work, Your A. Einstein
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