D O C . 3 8 C E N T R A L C O M M I T T E E F O R F O R E I G N A I D 1 9 1
40. “To the German Central Committee for
Foreign Relief”
[11 July
In these difficult years that have brought so many big disappointments to every
friend of human dignity and justice, I know of no more noble consolation than to
think of the blessed and wide-ranging efforts of the American and English
I have seen for myself how they have rescued precious human beings
from great
Whatever great political disappointments we have experi-
enced and still must
we must not abandon hope for a just and satis-
fying order in the world, when we see how in these two countries, which fate has
lifted to the highest pinnacle of power, such powerful forces work to the benefit of
all! No other branch of public life is as well suited to revive mutual trust between
nations, and even more should be done to make the nation profoundly aware of the
blessed work of the Quakers.
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