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References are collected under the appropriate English heading. Certain institutions, organ-
izations, and concepts that have no standard English translation are listed under their Ger-
man designation (with cross-references from an English translation). “Albert Einstein” is
abbreviated to “AE” in subentries.
Aberration, 78, 115, 165. See also Stokes,
George Gabriel, theory of aberration of
and gravitation, 69–72, 136 (see also Equiva-
lence, principle of)
Acoustics, molecular. See Molecular acoustics
at a distance, 161–163, 175
local, 163
Addition of velocities, law of, 297
Adiabatic process, in chemical reactions, 183
Alpha particles, 195
Ampère’s molecular current. See Electric cur-
rent, molecular
Angular momentum and magnetic moment. See
Magnetic moment, and angular momentum
“Anschaulichkeit.” See Physics, intuitive quality
AE’s response to, 197–199
appeals to common sense, 71–74
AE on causes of, 154, 156, 234
methods of defense against, 154
psychological origin of, 154
role in preserving Jewish identity, 234–237
“science” of, 234
undertone of, at AE’s lecture course, 152
Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Naturforscher
zur Erhaltung reiner Wissenschaft e. V.
(Working Association of German Natural
Scientists for the Preservation of Pure Sci-
ence): meeting at Berlin Philharmonic
Hall, 197–199
Arons, Leo (1860–1919)
courage of political convictions, 98
as physicist, 98–99
Assimilation: relationship to anti-Semitism,
Association for Combating Anti-Semitism. See
Verein zur Abwehr des Antisemitismus
Association of German Universities. See Ver-
band der Deutschen Hochschulen
Astronomy: measurement of position and time
in, 90, 96
Astrophysical Observatory, Potsdam, 232
Axiomatic method. See Method, axiomatic
Axioms of geometry. See Geometry, axiomatic
Bachem, Albert J. (1888–1957), 142, 199
Bad Nauheim. See Gesellschaft deutscher Natur-
forscher und Ärzte, meeting in Bad Nauheim
Biot, Jean (1774–1862), 302–303
BNV. See Bund “Neues Vaterland”
Bohr quantum condition, 255
Born, Max (1882–1970), 197
Bottlinger, Kurt F. (1888–1934), 89, 91
Bradley, James (1693–1762), 115
British science, 100, 238
Brunn, Albert von (1880–1940), 96
Bund “Neues Vaterland”
AE’s speech to, 76–77
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