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65. On the Misery of Children
Berlin, 5 Haberlandstr., 7. X. 21
The suffering of children in German cities is still horrific, such that a sizable num-
ber of the future generation is growing up under conditions that will cause them
Foreign aid would be overwhelmed if this mass misery were
a lasting condition. But a substantial portion of this poverty results from unstable
economic conditions, which in turn are caused by the steady weakening of the
I have no doubt that these industrious people will overcome the post-
war difficulties and regain a stable economic status; and therefore I can hardly think
of a nobler and more rewarding endeavor of charity than to
from premature
infirmity those who are the least responsible for these difficult years in world his-
tory, and finally to lead them out of these hard transitional times and into the ranks
of the future work force.
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