D O C . 1 6 G U A R A N T E E D S U B S I S T E N C E 7 9
16. “To the Society ‘A Guaranteed Subsistence for All’”
Berlin, 12. 12. 18
I too believe Popper’s suggestion that a secured minimum level of existence for ev-
ery citizen is the most important social goal we can strive
But I can by no
means agree with the idea of a “nourishment army” because I am convinced such
a thing would produce highly uneconomical
Everybody should, in case
of disability or unemployment, have the right to get, from public soup kitchens, the
absolutely essential things one needs to live. I am convinced that the strife for an
improved existence by means of earning a wage, combined with the disdain people
have toward non-workers, are sufficiently strong motivational forces to guarantee
a healthy development of economic
Experience seems to show that dire need
and bitter sorrow act to paralyze rather than promote work.
A. Einstein
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