3 8 D O C . 5 C O M M E N T O N D E S I T T E R S O L U T I O N
If the De Sitter solution were valid everywhere, it would show that the introduc-
tion of the -term” does not fulfill the purpose I intended. Because, in my opin-
ion, the general theory of relativity is a satisfying system only if it shows that the
physical qualities of space are completely determined by matter alone. Therefore,
no -field must exist (that is, no space-time continuum is possible) without mat-
ter that generates it.
In reality, the De Sitter system (2) solves equations (1) everywhere, except on
the surface . There—as in the immediate neighborhood of gravitating
mass points—the component of the gravitational potential turns to zero. The
De Sitter system does not look at all like a world free of matter, but rather like a
world whose matter is concentrated entirely on the surface . This could
possibly be demonstrated by means of a limiting process from a 3-dimensional to
a surfacelike distribution of matter.
(Issued March 21)
[p. 272]
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