8 D O C . 4 5 a N A T I O N A L S E L F - D E T E R M I N A T I O N
3. Yes.
4. I do not understand this question.
Ad V
Taking the economic interests of the rump state (Reststaat) into consideration
is only justified when a division of all positive and negative property takes place
through legal channels, and both parties have the right to appeal to the League of
Nations for a decision.
General Remarks about the League of Nations:
In my opinion the League of Nations can only obtain and retain its permanent
importance if it extends the sphere of its control to the regulation of economic
relations between states.
Distribution and sale of raw materials, or at least supervision of the conditions
of their distribution (customs duties, export licenses, etc.), establishing minimum
wages and other protective measures for the economically weak, as well as super-
vision of the signatory states in these
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