D O C U M E N T 3 1 8 J U L Y 1 9 2 6 3 2 9 317. Foreword to Albert Einstein, Al Torat ha-Yachasiyut ha-Pratit ve-ha-Klalit [Einstein 1928a] Dated after 2 July 1926[1] Published 1928 In: Albert Einstein. Al Torat ha-Yachasiyut ha-Pratit ve-ha-Klalit. Tel Aviv: Dvir, 1928, n. p. [See documentary edition for English translation.] 318. To Curators of the Hebrew University Berlin, 4 July 1926 Dear Sirs, The experiences that I have gained during the past year as member of the pre- siding committee have convinced me that productive development of the university is impossible if the affairs in Jerusalem continue to be managed as previously.[1] Dr. Magnes has systematically ignored the decisions made in Munich by the Board of Governors.[2] The mention of the following examples may suffice to substantiate this assertion: 1. Illegal sending of a version of the minutes of the Munich meeting inaccurate in substantial points. 2. Refusal to retract this version of the minutes.[3] 3. Arbitrary changes to the constitution of the Microbiology Institute creation of a special university institute under the leadership of Dr. Kligler, who is ascribed the title of professor without authorization.[4] 4. Non-fulfillment and disavowal of the solemnly undertaken obligation with re- gard to the payment of the honorarium owed to Dr. Amira, despite repeated requests.[5] 5. Subordinating the Professorial Council to Dr. Magnes’s chairmanship, contrary to the minutes.[6]
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