D O C U M E N T 3 1 3 J U N E 1 9 2 6 3 2 7 Regards, Zangger Miss K[6] just phoned on behalf of Albert: She would like to enlighten me. I called her attention to the serious responsibility (we talked for more than an hour). The main thing is, of course, that you yourself talk to the family doctor (Dr Schäppi, a very competent, realistic physician who has known the family a long time.[7] (I am enclosing a letter to him.) The mother was healthy up to the age of 60, worked hard, had a lot of worries, Basedow syndrome.[8] Sensitive because of that, consequently operated on by Dr. Monnier for goiter, had a lot of stress due to a daughter-in-law.[9] Depressed—the diagnosis is uncertain post-Basedow surgery and post-arteriosclerosis or basic pre- disposition, I cannot decide. Miss Knecht is asking Dr. Schäppi to give you all the information. I didn’t get any farther because she claims you have been given incor- rect information.[10] Za. 313. From Emil Rupp [Heidelberg,] 29 June 1926 Dear Professor, Last week I was still busy with the largest interference length attained for & I believe to have demonstrated in an entirely empirical way in my earlier trials[1] that a compensation of the Doppler effect was achieved according to the turned- mirror experiment. I have compiled my measurement data for the most part, but would like to relay them to you only from Göttingen.[2] I did not dare provide specific information about these experiments to Lenard.[3] I would be sorry to see with my own eyes such a meritorious man cussing so compulsively. I do not know yet for certain whether I can send you the paper by 8 July.[4] I would not like to fail to thank you most warmheartedly for your kind letters and valuable suggestions. Respectfully and sincerely yours, E. Rupp Address: Göttingen Physics Inst. I, Bunsen St.
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