3 2 D O C . 2 N O T E O N S C H R Ö D I N G E R S PA P E R
Published in Physikalische Zeitschrift 19 (1918): 115–116. Received 5 February 1918, published 15
March 1918.
[1]Schrödinger 1918a. Erwin Schrödinger (1887–1961) was Privatdozent in physics at the Univer-
sity of Vienna.
[2]The calculation was done in coordinates satisfying the determinant condition
[3]See Gunnar Nordström to Einstein, 22–28 September 1917 (Vol. 8, Doc. 382) and 23 October
1917 (Vol. 8, Doc. 393). Nordström’s contribution is also acknowledged in Einstein 1918a (Doc. 1),
p. 159.
[4]In Schrödinger 1918a, the author emphasized that is not a generally covariant tensor. He did
not explicitly mention, though, that it differs in this respect from , the energy-momentum tensor
for matter.
[5]Lorentz 1916 and Levi-Civita 1917b. See Einstein 1918f (Doc. 9), note 5, for further discussion
of these objections.
[6]Einstein 1916o (Vol. 6, Doc. 41).
[7]See Einstein 1918a (Doc. 1), sec. 6.
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