D O C . 6 6 O P I N I O N O N S I G N A L V S . A T L A S 4 7 9
[7]Deutsches Reichspatent 257211 and Deutsches Reichspatent 257212, both entitled “Einrichtung
zur Bestimmung der Richtung von Schallwellen. Zusatz zum Patent 256747,” were granted on
1 March 1913 to Aurel Meckel. They added two devices to the original arrangement (see note 2) for
indicating and recording the direction and distance of a sound source.
[8]“ologische” is inserted in Ilse Einstein’s hand.
[9]This is the precision the patentee indicated in its letter of 11 March 1912 to the Department of
Appellations of the Patent Office (see Chapter B, paragraph 2).
[10]“nach” is inserted in Ilse Einstein’s hand.
[11]This description agrees with the patent description of Deutsches Reichspatent 301669 summa-
rized in note 2.
[12]At this point in the original text the insertion of the following passage is indicated in Ilse Ein-
stein’s hand: “mit der wirksamen Zeitdifferenz verknüpften.”
[13]See note 6.
[14]Co-plaintiff is someone who is entitled to lay claim to damages in a public suit filed by the
(principal) plaintiff (Seligsohn 1920, p. 431).
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