D O C . 9 E N E R G Y C O N S E RVAT I O N 7 7
publication of Einstein 1917b (Vol. 6, Doc. 43) (see Einstein 1918e [Doc. 4], note 17, for further
[11]“Sinnenelement” should be “Linienelement.” In the Nachtrag (pp. 458–459), Einstein makes a
different coordinate choice.
[12]See, for example, Lorentz 1916, pp. 468 and 470.
[13]Weyl 1918b.
[14]“(18), (18a)” should be “(19), (19a).”
[15]This proof was provided the following year by Jakob Grommer (1879–1933) (see Jakob Grom-
mer to Einstein, 1 July 1919) and published as Grommer 1919.
[16]Einstein 1917b (Vol. 6, Doc. 43).
[17]“ on the left-hand side of eq. (24) should be .”
[18]This form of the line element for Einstein’s cosmological model can be found in Willem de Sit-
ter to Einstein, 20 March 1917 (Vol. 8, Doc. 313), and in De Sitter 1917a.
F3 cosnx2 F3 cosnx3
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