I N D E X 3 5 7
advice of not to attend As If conference,
167. See also Philosophy
Anti-Oorlog-Raad, member of interna-
tional council of, 20
Anti-relativists, compares to flies, 219
Appeal in favor of a republican constitu-
tion for Germany, signs, 150
Foreign press, finds news on attacks
against him exaggerated in, 338, 342
Germany: considers the possibility of
leaving, 261; on cordiality of col-
leagues, 342; on leaving Berlin, 297,
no reason for, 264; on being Swiss, in-
ternational and faithful to Germany,
342; on admitting foreign students to
German universities, 218–219
Governments: on governing people, 216;
being based not on legal systems but
on power, 218
Hungarian people’s commissars, 307
Imperialism as reaction to internal prob-
lems, 212
International individual, happy to be invit-
ed to 1921 Solvay meeting as, 194
Kelen, joins action for amnesty to, 306
Norwegian students, on internationalism
of, 266
Relativity and politics: 271; reason for
publishing Einstein 1920f, 261, 265
Swedish students, on Germanophily of,
Swiss, considers himself, 214
United States of Europe, 276
War: on positive effect of the war, 26; on
psychological causes of war, 13–14;
on need of a supranational peacekeep-
ing organization, 13–14, plan for, 76
Weyland, on his approach to Julius, 269
Zionist Club Chicago, thanks for sympa-
thy statement from, 338
RELATIVITY: English edi-
tion, royalties, 241; French edition, Moch,
as possible translator, 211; Italian edition,
Calisse as translator proposed, gives con-
sent, 237; works on, 38
RECOGNITIONS: Baumgartner Prize, 56, 65;
Dutch Academy, corresponding member,
169, 171, 178–179, 173, 166, 168; Gold
Medal of Royal Astronomical Society, de-
cision retracted, 238
Epstein, 220, 345; Flamm, 345; Laue,
345; Lenz, 345, 345; Meyer, Edgar, 15;
Reiche, 345; Runge, 105; Schrödinger,
345; Stern, 220; Thirring, 345
Acta Mathematica, for article, declines,
Arco: for expert opinion on patent case,
308–309; for opinion on Kammerer
1919, 309
Berliner, Arnold, for opinion on
Schneider’s dissertation, 239
German Central Committee for Foreign
Relief, for article, 207–208
German League for the League of Na-
tions, for article, 206–207, declines,
Meyer, Edgar, for recommendation, 15
Schlick, for opinion on successor of We-
ber, 245
Schoenflies, Arthur, for opinion on candi-
dates for Born’s successor, 189
Süddeutsche Monatshefte, for article, 258,
declines, 261
Wittig, Hans, to review his book, 151
Adler, studies physics together with, 45
Ampère’s molecular currents, 15; experi-
ment on, 22
Astronomy, on lag of Germany behind
Britain and the US, 223
Berlin, on scientific life in, 228
Bjerrum spectrum, 280
Cosmology: boundary conditions, dis-
agrees with Eddington on, 228; closed
universe, 41, on ghost images of stars
in, 319; on finiteness of universe, dis-
agrees with Petzoldt on, 212; radius of
the universe, 42
De Sitter, attends lecture of, 30
Eclipse expedition of 1914, planned, 12
Eclipse expedition of 1919, on positive re-
sults of, 138
Ehrenfest, discussions with, 159, 174
Ehrenhaft, does not accept theories, 200–
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