3 4 6 D O C U M E N T S 2 5 1 , 2 5 2 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 0
With reference to K2 alone, however, this surface has absolutely no physical
I know, though, that we are dealing with some sort of idée fixe of yours and that
all labors of love are futile. I am no angrier at you than at a sparrow for not singing
like a nightingale. But it amuses me that you are apparently finding a faithful audi-
ence—but certainly no theoretical physicist of any standing will fall for this busi-
ness of
With Langevin, for inst., I am firmly persuaded that he will
immediately see the whole
I cannot imagine that Grossmann would have
anything against
But he is probably embarrassed for Swiss physicists that
the issue is not being challenged; one can’t take offense at that. When asked, I can-
not do otherwise than speak my mind. And I don’t know what else to say to you
than: do what you just cannot refrain from doing.
Best regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
251. To Mário Basto Wagner
Berlin, 29 December 1920
Esteemed Colleague,
Pardon my long
I do not remember whether I ever published some-
thing about the problem of the entropy of solutions. This is not of interest, of
course. As far as I know, I am in full agreement with Planck’s treatment of the
Nernst theorem, since he postulates the vanishing of entropy at absolute zero only
for chemically homogeneous substances, not, however, for irregular mixtures of
molecules of various
Unfortunately, it has been impossible for me to find
the time to study your
because I am currently not working in this field.
In utmost respect,
252. From Arnold Sommerfeld
curr. Garmisch, 29 December 1920
Dear Einstein,
That really is a shame! We would have been so pleased to have
But we
won’t give in. Note us down for the beginning of next winter term: the 11th or 18th
cos +
-------------------------------- =
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