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the second one out as
I won’t write any more about it, in order not to con-
fuse things even further. Kisses from your
26. To Hendrik A. Lorentz
[Leyden,] 22 May 1920
Highly esteemed Colleague,
First I would like to thank you and your wife for the warm reception you both
gave me
The walk among the dunes will remain an unforgettable mem-
ory for me. Yesterday the announcement arrived of my nomination as external
member of the
I do not even need to tell you how it thrills me to be
accepted among this circle of outstanding men, in which I feel half at home now
already. My talk on Wednesday was intended only for more casual onlookers who
want to throw a quick glance on the relativity issues, and not for experts; it is good
that you were not present. It thoroughly embarrassed me that you should write me
specially about
Occasion for this letter is provided by a letter from Planck in which he requests
that I encourage neutral academies to support Germany’s efforts to stay current
with foreign scientific
He writes:
“According to reports, a Swiss scientific society made the proposal of holding a
conference in Berne that is supposed to be attended by delegates of the neutral
academies and aim at discussing international scientific problems.” I should point
out that there is an established neutral office for scientific
in Berlin (ad-
dress, Prussian Academy of Sciences, care of Mr. Kerkhof) and that it places great
value on receiving scientific journals possibly by
Any suggestions in
this regard would be welcomed with gratitude.
Our colleague Planck did not instruct me to present these matters to you specif-
ically, rather he just asked that I mention it at a suitable opportunity. (I tell you this
so that you do not wonder why Planck did not write you himself.) Additionally, I
wanted to communicate this to you right away, because directly after the Academy
meeting on the 29th, at which I hope to see you, I must return homewards again, as
my passport visa is
In heartily thanking you and your
again for the unforgettable hours that
I was allowed to spend with you, I am with cordial greetings, yours very sincerely,
A. Einstein.
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