1 4 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 4 1 a
leads to such wild explosions from time to time, if itÊs not prevented by careful
The special calamity of our times, however, is that bestial instincts
together with existing tools are leading to veritable destruction. The real betterment
of the masses moves so slowly ahead in relation to the rapid development of tech-
nology that there is now a disparity of the worst kind. We must therefore, in my
opinion, strive toward a large-scale organization that acts toward individual states
the way the latter act toward individual thieves. But the bestia masculina still resists
this again one by one. That is how a completely dispassionate person like me can
appear lacking to others. It’s all the same to me. As long as I am left in peace, I
calmly continue my work with the usual pleasure, without letting myself be
infected by mass psychosis. What hurts me most bitterly, though, is that people like
me are prevented by the force of circumstances from acting the way I do.
I have had the particularly good fortune of separating from my
I know
very well that, from the point of view of others, this looks like unparalleled
brutality. But for me it was a question of survival; my nerves could not have with-
stood any longer the pressure that had been bearing down on me for years, which
this barbaric character had been exerting on me. It is an act of defense in the fullest
sense. You can imagine what a difficult decision it was to forgo watching my be-
loved boys grow up! For them it is better not to grow up in a home in which the
father and mother confront each other like enemies. It is also beneficial for the
development of their social awareness and habits if they grow up in socially rela-
tively well-balanced Switzerland, where the teaching in schools is executed with-
out ulterior motives.
Of late I have been working incessantly on gravitation and have now arrived at
wonderful clarity about the interrelations. The matter is now so compelling that
anyone really gaining profound insight must find it difficult to shake himself free
from the spell of this construct. If all physical events are completely determined by
other perceptible physical events, then the chosen path becomes a
The philosophical quotes you relayed to me do not rouse an appetite for more.
These fellows haven’t the least feel for the narrow constraints of the terms they are
fumbling around with. When I come and visit you sometime, let’s take a closer look
at one of them and tear it apart; it would be very interesting for me to experience
such a thing with you, but not flaccid
The size of the city here gives occasion that one gets to know highly interesting
The advantage is that any given nature is empowered to the point that one
can choose one’s activities and the people that affect one.
Be embraced by your old friend,
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