2 1 2 D O C U M E N T S 7 9 , 8 0 J U L Y 1 9 2 0
I do find your judgment on Germans a bit severe. It seems that no nation is safe
from falling victim to an imperialistic tendency, especially when its inner equilib-
rium is threatened by external success.
In sincere fellowship, I am yours tr[uly],
79. To Gösta Mittag-Leffler[1]
Berlin, W. 30, 5 Haberland St., 21 July 1920
Highly esteemed Colleague,
Multifarious obligations and particularly many business trips abroad unfortu-
nately made it impossible for me to write the planned essay on Poincaré’s position
on the problem of geometry and
I feared that in the little time avail-
able I could not have done full justice to the great master, since I would not have
been in a position to study closely all his analyses related to the topic. With the kind
request not to attribute this omission of mine otherwise than to the high regard I
have for the task, I am, with great respect, yours very sincerely,
80. To Joseph Petzoldt
Berlin, 21 July 1920
Dear Colleague,
I also would find a gathering of the type indicated by you profitable, provided
only those people join whom we ourselves
If you would like to pave the
way for something of the sort here, then I certainly shall appear. I am in Berlin dur-
ing all of August and until about Sept.
It would be my pleasure to have you
and Mr. Winternitz visit me sometime in the evening so that we can talk about
I find Helge Holst’s work
it overlooks the fact that as soon as
one relinquishes the relativity postulate, a hopeless multiplicity of possibilities re-
mains before one, and that comprehension of the essential identity of inertia and
gravity is lost at the same time. Your critique of Holst’s work is
we could also discuss the cosmological problem. I am firmly convinced of the fi-
niteness of the world but do admit to not being able to furnish compelling
Sincerely yours,
A. Einstein.
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