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can quote outstanding authorities. That is why I would be exceedingly grateful if
you could communicate to me in a line or two who the most suitable persons might
be for this professorship. Maybe in this way I can contribute a little bit toward hav-
ing theoretical physics at Rostock take off decently. I very much regretted the de-
parture of E. Cohn to
In mathematics there is somewhat more life here
since they obtained a second ordinary professorship for that subject in the spring
(Haupt), a very nice
Speaking of staff matters, I would not like to miss privately letting you know
about a little rumor that reached my ears last month, the accuracy of which I cannot
by any means verify, however. According to it, the German University in Prague
supposedly has the intention of splitting the Philosophy Faculty and employing a
philosophy specialist in the natural sciences section. They supposedly have even
thought of me for it, already. That would be truly splendid! For with its geograph-
ical setting and intellectual life, Prague ought to be much superior to Rostock. But,
as I said, we are dealing with a mere rumor, which I have not discussed with anyone
else (not even with my wife, so as to spare her poss[ible] disappointment).
Now I have something else, without which I absolutely cannot imagine a letter
to you, namely, thanks, warm, hearty thanks for what your benevolence once again
gave me ample occasion to do. You were so kind as to recommend me to the Ber-
liner Tageblatt for drafting an article on relativity theory for their almanac. I did, of
course, immediately accept the offer by the
and in this way, from 8 days
of labor, I earned a very pretty little sum that in prewar times would have been
enough to take my whole family on a fine vacation trip. I just hope that you will be
satisfied with the description as well. Most difficult was fulfilling the requirement
of brevity while still remaining easily comprehensible.
More cordial thanks for your last amicable
which once again was infi-
nitely valuable to me! On the question of the causality of Newtonian space, it com-
pletely convinced me of your view, and it seems to me as if I really had been quite
stupid; I did not consider the issue enough, physically. Nor can I adhere to the com-
ment that I made about the question in Space and Time anymore; it must go, should
the booklet happen to be granted another
What one has to put up with in Berlin nowadays, when the Philharmonic turns
into a circus in which one clown follows the other onto the
I know that you
stand, smilingly and completely unscathed, above the situation—but for that, mag-
nanimity is required. I must admit that I did clench my fists a bit and feel heartily
ashamed of Germans when I read about these things.
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