D O C U M E N T 1 0 8 A U G U S T 1 9 2 0 2 3 9
that is that we absolutely do not claim to have been the cause of the solar eclipse
expedition of 29 May 1919; rather, I just wanted to say that our report about stellar
photography in daylight and the special purpose of perhaps being able to confirm
your theory even before the total eclipse of 29 May 1919 may possibly have sup-
ported the matter & in any event did draw attention to
As regards the red-
shift, as you know, Prof. Evershed of [Kodai]kanal Observatory likewise became
thoroughly engaged with the problem & did not arrive at any decisive
is curr. in England & I hope to be seeing him here.
Sir Norman Lockyer died here yesterday (16th) at the age of 84. He had not been
very mentally astute for some years and was likewise no friend of German men of
My son left for France on the 13th to see a friend, Duke de Broglie,
whom you also know, and will probably come to Berlin after his visit and will, I
hope, have the pleasure of seeing
If you should see Prof.
do please
convey to him and his esteemed wife our cordial regards; and I remain, with ami-
cable greetings, always yours sincerely,
A. F. Lindemann
108. From Arnold Berliner
Berlin W 9, 23/24 Link St., 19 August 1920
Dear Mr. Einstein,
At the Paris Academy on July 26, Deslandres presented a paper by Perot on the
comparison of light wavelengths of one line in the cyanogen band in solar light and
in a terrestrial light
According to these experiments, the wavelength of
light in solar light is larger than the corresponding one in a terrestrial light source.
The light-wavelength ratio lies close to the value required by the general theory of
relativity. The terrestrial light source was an arc lamp. The solar light was taken
from various locations on the disk for comparison.
Furthermore! Miss Ilse Schneider wishes to see her dissertation printed and pub-
lished at
I even promised her I would use my influence on Mr. Spring-
er toward this end but do not trust my own judgment enough, after all, to want to
motivate Mr. Springer definitely into doing so. Perhaps you will be so kind as to
write me a line about it, such as how you evaluate the work by Ilse Schneider
against the one by Hans
I myself have a very good impression of
it, as far as I have read the work, but I really do not feel qualified enough to pass
final judgment by myself.
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