D O C U M E N T 7 4 J U L Y 1 9 2 0 2 0 7
German League for the League of Nations, which is sent out to hundreds of news-
papers for reprinting. In agreement with Dr. Rotten, we invite you, esteemed Pro-
fessor, to write this article. We think it appropriate that the drive in aid of German
libraries by English universities be placed at the focus of
for the general
public is only sparingly informed about this drive and its full import. If you would
take on this task, we can be sure that neutral and enemy countries abroad would
also take note of your arguments with the necessary attention.
Considering current space limitations in German newspapers, the article ought
to be no longer than 100 lines.
As honorarium, we take the liberty of offering you 100 marks.
We would be very grateful for your kindly promptly notifying us whether you
would like to undertake the task of writing this article.
In utmost respect, most humbly,
Deutsche Liga für Völkerbund
Press Department:
74. From German Central Committee for Foreign Relief
Berlin W. 8, 56 Mohren St., 9 July 1920
Re: Quaker Relief
To Professor Einstein,
In foreign countries, the new fund-raising campaign is now starting for the Ger-
man Children’s Fund [Kinderhilfswerk]. We can provide foreign press agents cur-
rently staying here with copious reports and statistics about the need in Germany,
and descriptions about the distribution and receipt of donations.
People abroad do not want to see only governmental and official opinions, how-
ever; they also want to hear statements by generally popular and known personali-
ties that fully acknowledge the relief organization’s stature, and this not in the form
of long speeches, but rather as incidental statements, scattered informative remarks
in dialogues or letters.
At present, 632,000 children are being fed by the American Quakers alone. En-
glish Quakers are providing particularly for the youth and the poor middle
and generous charitable gifts have come from other sources to needy regions, seg-
ments of the population, and institutions. Continuation of this aid is urgently need-
ed in the interest of adolescents, expectant and nursing mothers, the poor and the
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