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philosophy will be found who will help you to get your doctorate. In the meantime,,
just a word of advice: use a sober style, also as concerns the theory of relativity;
there is already too much quite repulsive sinning in this regard.
In great respect,
Deleted fragment in draft: “That you, too, are not quite free of this is proved, incidentally, by the cir-
cum. that you [make use of] the silly doctor’s title . . .”
6. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin,] 4 May 1920
Dear, dear Ehrenfest,
I am still sitting here, while my ether sermon is surely already in your
Every day, though, the Dutch Pythia at the consulate shakes her little
head and says with sweet regret, “Still
She can’t be blamed, of course,
for the sluggish red tape. It’s silly that I promised to be in Halle on May 29th, where
a relativistic/philosophical synod is taking place, for which the holy limbs are
And for the beginning of June, I promised to preach in
Healthwise I am feeling so well that this time you can really pile it on me. I would
like to do something to prove myself worthy of the Dutch professorship, but am
clearly conscious of the superfluousness of what I could lecture
Should I per-
haps come only in the second half of June instead of now? If so, then send a tele-
gram. I am going to bring one violin along. It’s
Herglotz is not
coming; he declined the professorship
Soon the local chairs will be peddled
like old clothes at the secondhand dealer’s—times change [tempora
Bohr was here and I am in love with him as much as you
He is like a high-
ly sensitive child and wanders about in this world in a kind of trance.
7. To Elsa Einstein
Leyden, Friday, 7 May 1920
Dear Else,
Arrived here well in splendid weather. Both Ehrenfests are in town; I came com-
This morning I talked shop with Julius at the institute in
He’s a real “monomaniac,” but still a fine fellow. So the violin is stuck
Provided you haven’t done anything with this matter yet, you
should best do as follows:
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