1 6 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 6 9 a , 6 9 b
Natanson from Cracow, a fine theoretical
He is a Polish Jew and grew up
in Russia, now 50 years of age. I quickly took a liking to him as I rarely do with
people; blood runs thicker than water! Dear Zangger, make sure that no wimps are
called to Zurich as physicists, either to the Polytechnic or to the university; once
you have them, you never get rid of them. Take care that Keesom does not come to
the Polytechnic as a
he knows a lot, has original ideas to a certain
degree, but cannot teach people how to think critically.
With cordial greetings and best wishes for the so sadly started 1915, your old
Vol. 8, 69a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, before 4 April
Dear Papa,
We got the postcard; I don’t know what you meant to say by it, though. But I
hope you were thinking: “Well, it would, admittedly, be nice, we’ll
can already multiply and divide, and I am doing gometetry
as Tete says.
assigns me problems; we have a little booklet;
I could do the same with you then as well. But why haven’t you written us anything
lately? I just think: “At
you’re going to be here and we’ll have a Papa
again.” Yours,
Vol. 8, 69b. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, before 4 April
Dear Papa,
Today we told each other our dreams. Tete suddenly
“I dreamed that
Papa was here!” Then I thought: “It really would be much nicer if you were with
us.” I can tinkle away on the piano much better now already; not long ago I played
a Haydn and a Mozart sonata and some
In short, I could also play with
you. The examination is approaching now; but at the same time, so is
Easter we were
do we have to spend this Easter alone as well? If you were
to write us that you are
that would be the finest Easter bunny for us. We
can live here quite well, you know, but if
gets ill one day, I don’t know
what to do. Then we would have no one but the maid. Also for this reason it would
be better if you were with us. Yours,
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