D O C U M E N T S 3 6 , 3 7 M A Y 1 9 2 0 1 7 5
36. From Konrad Haenisch[1]
Berlin, [28] May
To Prof. Einstein,
With reference to the report of 5 May this yr. submitted to me by Dr. Freundlich
at your instruction in re. the release of state funds for the advancement of your
I humbly inform you that at the second and third consultations on the
planned state budget for 1919 in December 1919 the Constituent Prussian Assem-
bly resolved “to apply to the state government to make available the funds in agree-
ment with the Reich government, in order to make possible Germany’s continued
successful collaboration with other nations toward developing your Albert Ein-
stein’s fundamental discoveries and you personally and to further his own re-
search (printed matter no. 1612 section 233).” I have opened initial contacts with
the Prussian minister of
in order to promote this matter jointly with him
and to approach the Reich government together with him. With regard to the gen-
eral state of the finances, it will scarcely be possible to place the eventual funds ear-
lier than into the draft of the state budget for 1921. I shall inform you of further
developments in this matter.
37. From Greti Moser[1]
Bad Wiesee, [Bavaria,] 28 May
Esteemed Professor Einstein,
I was very surprised when your photograph came from Berlin; I often think of
the nice time. The two villas are still standing as they were on Adolzreiter St. Just
a short while ago I looked at them again; the beautiful garden is gone, of course.
How is your sister, Mrs. Maja
I used to correspond with Mrs. Einstein,
you know. I lost the address during the war; then I visited Mr. Elinger and heard,
unfortunately, that the good Mrs. has
Does Mrs. Maya have no children? Is
she still in
She often invited me, of course, but I never managed to visit
her & now all has been lost. I shall treasure the picture; I have the pictures with both
children on them. Mrs. Einstein wrote me your son also used to be like that. Permit
me to convey my wishes to Mrs. Maja as well. Also best wishes to your esteemed
wife, in all due respect,
Greti Moser.
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