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34. To Heinrich Zangger
Leyden, [27 May 1920]
Dear Zangger,
I received both your letters, also the genuinely Italian effusion by Enriques, for-
but not Habicht’s letter, so I still don’t know what he is up
am eager to know whether Weyl will be coming to Berlin now; it would not be
smart of him, since Berlin would take away his peace and contentment. Göttingen,
though, would be good for him in every respect; Zurich too, of course, if he stayed
I’m supposed to receive a guest professorship here, and be here 3–4 weeks each
year. So I counted on sending my wife 2,000 francs from here, but can now only
do so from Berlin because my appointment is happening too
I telegraphed
Albert that he should simply tap you. The money will be returned to you at the lat-
est in a fortnight. Many thanks in advance for the
Much in your letters I cannot read, possibly often precisely what is important.
Typewritten would be much preferable.
Here I spent wonderful weeks with Ehrenfest, also gave a few
very many scientific discussions with him, Lorentz, and the other local physicists.
I very much long to see my boys
but still don’t know when I can come
to Zurich again at last.
Warm regards from your
35. From Hendrik A. Lorentz
Haarlem, 27 May 1920
Dear Colleague,
I really ought to tell you—and should have done so earlier—how heartily
pleased I am that you now belong to our Academy of Sciences as a corresponding
You can be sure that all members share this joy and regarded your elec-
tion a foregone
I hope that we are going to see you very often at the
meetings. What a pity that you have to travel again so soon and that your inaugural
speech must still lie
I am very sorry that Onnes’s applications to the gov-
ernment could not speed things
If it had been in our power, all would have
been ready on February
With cordial greetings and in hope of seeing you the day after
H. A. Lorentz
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