D O C U M E N T S 8 1 , 8 2 J U L Y 1 9 2 0 2 1 3
81. To Mileva Einstein-Maric;
[Berlin,] 23 July 1920
Dear Mileva,
I’ve sent you 700 francs, the remainder of my holdings at the Züricher
From now on, for the time being, I’ll be able to send you money
regularly again. The matter seems definite at least for one year. We shall see what
happens then. Nowadays everything is unstable and
I fully agree to
meeting the children on October th in
But in the future, you really
should stop forbidding the trip to Berlin, at least for [Hans] Albert. It’s simply ri-
diculous to treat a virtual grown-up like such a
will keep her
distance from Albert; I could even take meals alone with him, if he specifically
wants it. But these are silly trivialities. One shouldn’t have to make such a fuss for
you old women it’s simply ridiculous .
I’m sorry that Tete was ill
Do have him examined again for bacteria. If
he isn’t completely cured before puberty, then there’s something wrong; that pos-
sibility does exist, though, in any case. You don’t need to cross the border with the
children, since they can travel home in one day, you
Our accommodations
are private and very affordable. So unless you write again, I’ll assume that the chil-
dren are coming alone. I’ll take care of the entry permit through my friend, the local
I don’t want to be his guest, three strong. But there is a woman in the vil-
lage who supposedly would take us in. Albert is probably at the Chavans’, as
Michele wrote
Best regards also to the two children, yours,
I have collected many postage stamps for
82. To German League for the League of Nations
Berlin, 23 July 1920
Esteemed Sir,
After considerable reflection and consultation with scholar friends of mine, I de-
cided not to write the article in
I am sorry that in this case I am not able
to be of service to your cause, which is so very near to my heart. Political points of
view from inside and outside the country, which would have to be taken into ac-
count in the article’s text, are of so complex a nature that I do not feel capable of
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