D O C U M E N T S 1 9 6 , 1 9 7 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 0 3 0 7
collected edition Das
The correct formula
furnishes the observed light deflection.
With best regards, yours,
196. From Friedrich Adler
[Vienna, 9 November 1920]
Dear Einstein,
There isn’t any particular need to convince you of such an action. Just one thing,
the matter is urgent![1] Cordial regards to you, yours,
Friedrich Adler
197. From Mário Basto Wagner[1]
Lisbon, 108 R. do Seculo I, 9 November 1920
Esteemed Professor,
I take the liberty of forwarding to you in the enclosed the first three parts of my
“Thermodynamik der Mischungen” [Thermodynamics of Mixtures].[2] If you
would inform me of your opinion of it, I would be very indebted to you.
At the same time, I would like to beg another big favor of you. As Dr. Cassel[3]
informed me a while ago, just as did Professor Planck only a few days ago, to
whom the line of argument of my thesis seems quite fruitful, incidentally,
objections have recently been raised against Planck’s extension of Nernst’s heat
theorem for solutions,[4] which, as it seems, are justified. Dr. Cassel let me know
now that you have published some things on this question.[5] Since living here in
Portugal one is almost wholly isolated from the scientific world, even with regard
to professional journals, as they are not kept here at our universities at all, I would
be very grateful if you would send me an offprint of your papers pertaining to this.
I hope that you will not hold this request against me.
Heartily thanking you in advance for your efforts, I sign in great respect,
Maria Basti Wagner.
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