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Vereinigung wissenschaftlicher Verleger Walter
de Gruyter & Co. See Publishers: De Gruyter
Verhaeren, Emile, 392n
Verlag Naturwissenschaften. See Publishers
Verlaine, Paul, 392n
Vermeil, Hans (1889–1959), 41
Versailles Peace Treaty: xliv, 86n, 130n, 479n,
593c; “week of mourning,” 63; comes into ef-
fect, 595c; effect on Bolshevism, AE on, 80;
German dislike of, 119n; harshness of, AE
on, 85, 387; text, definitive presented, 93,
preliminary, 58
Verse on AE in The Observatory, 413
Vetter, Theodor (1853–1922): 6n, 302n, 423n;
on AE’s policy of free admission to course at
University of Zurich, 5–6
Vienna: collection in Britain for children of, 311;
poor living conditions, 252; Social Demo-
cratic government of, 437n
Vieweg publishing house. See Publishers
Viktoria-Luisen-Schule, Berlin, 558c
Violle, Jules, 614c
Visualization: of relations in spherical space, AE
on, 65n, 566c; of relativistic effects, 601c
Vogelpohl, Georg (1900–1975), on spherical
universe, 508–509
Voigt, Woldemar (1850–1919), 435
Volkmann, Paul O. (1856–1938), 45n
Volksbüchereiprojekt, 578c
Volkshochschule, 484n
Volks-Hochschule für Proletarier, 299n
Vollenhoven, Cornelis van (1874–1933): 151n,
166n, 321n, 422n; and funds for AE’s trip to
Leyden, 183n
Waals, Johannes van der (1837–1923), 502
Wadsworth, Eliot, 13n
Waetzmann, Erich, requests KWIP funds for
acoustic research, 127–128
Wagner, Ernst: 568c; requests KWIP funds for
high-voltage batteries for X-ray spectrosco-
py, 556c, granted, 560c, 567c
Waldeyer-Hartz, Wilhelm von, 350n, 515n, 555c
Wangerin, Albert (1844–1933), 97
Warburg, Emil (1846–1931): 114, 208, 360n,
488n, 593c; proposes financial help of PAW
to Physikalische Berichte, 580c; proposes
raise in AE’s salary, 580c; recommends AE
for Nobel prize, 550c; research on radiation
formula, funded by KWIP, 571c, 576c; signs
nomination of Arnold Sommerfeld and Peter
Debye to PAW, 410
Warburg, Fritz, 12n
Warburg, Max M. (1867–1946), AE on political
trustworthiness of, 11
Warburg, Otto (1859–1938), 169n, 181n, 327n,
War-guilt resolution of Nicolai, 571c
Wasielewski, Theodor von (1868–1941): 199n,
586c, 591c; invites AE to jubilee of Universi-
ty of Rostock, 225, 580c
Wassermann, A. von, 434n
Weber, Rudolf H. (1874–1920), 74–75
Webster, David L., 22
Wecker-Heilbronn, Ernst, 602c
Wegscheider, Rudolf (1859–1935): 366–367,
369, 393, 396, 412, 440, 462n; on Ehrenhaft’s
candidacy for professorship at University of
Vienna, 398–400; requests AE’s opinion on
Ehrenhaft, 400
Wehberg, Hans, 571c
Wehrli, Max, 153n
Weidner, General Major, 195n
Weigert, Charlotte: 350, 604c; on AE’s pacifism,
351; on AE’s Zionism, 351; on Danish press
coverage of AE, 350
Weigert, Fritz, requests KWIP funds for photo-
chemical research, 601c, granted, 613c
Weimar Republic: image abroad, AE on, 474–
475; weakness of, 498
Weinberg, Jehiel J., 590c
Weinstein, Alexander (1897–?), 192
Weisbach, Werner, 35n
Weiß, Edmund, 7n
Weiss, Pierre (1865–1940), 141, 171, 225
Weizmann, Chaim (1874–1952): xlv, 17n, 181n,
198n, 223n, 249n, 327n; involvement in
plans for Hebrew University, 353n, 364; lays
foundation stone for Hebrew University, 254;
on language of education at Hebrew Univer-
sity, 153n
Wendorff, Hugo (1864-1945), 281n
Wendt, Georg: 570c, 571c, 575c, 577c, 578c,
579c; requests KWIP funds for research on
influence of electric field on spectral lines,
558c, granted 560c, 568c
Wertheimer, Max (1880–1943), 206, 533n
West Prussia, cession to Poland, 60
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