I N D E X 6 8 5
Time: as fourth dimension, Fechner on, 556c;
does not exist, 554c
Time dilation: AE and Guillaume on, 379, 418–
419, 430–432; experimental test by trans-
verse Doppler effect, 356; in rotating frame
of reference, 116, 137, 140n
Times (London): AE’s article in, 256, 286; war-
time propaganda, 256
Tobler, Josephine (1879–?): 92, 93n, 118n,
130n, 131, 138, 147, 171, 219, 289, 573c,
582c; accompanies Pauline Einstein to Ber-
lin, 303; arrives in Berlin, 339, 592c
Toller, Ernst (1893–1939): 323n; and Bavarian
Soviet, 344n; and Bund “Neues Vaterland,”
Tolstoy, Leo (1828–1910), 415
Tönnies, Ferdinand (1855–1936), 94
Töplitz, Otto (1881–1940), on anti-Semitism at
University of Kiel, 230
Tower telescope, 603c, 604c, 614c, 616c
Treaty of Versailles. See Versailles Peace Treaty
Train service, discontinuation in Germany, 281
Tree of Knowledge: AE on, 143, 200, 230; Hed-
wig Born on, 143, 200, 206, 230
Trendelenburg, Ernst, 157n
Treumann, Anna, 606c
Trinity College, Cambridge, 370
Trkal, Viktor (1888–1956), 470
Troeltsch, Ernst (1865–1923): 350n; lectures at
University of Leyden, 415
Tschuppik, Walter (1889-1955), 597c
Turgenev, Ivan S., 415
Turner, Herbert, 320n, 370n
Twardy, 195n
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 152, 181n
Ulinski, Franz (1890–1974), energy supply for
spacecraft, 516
Ulm (Germany): 607c; building program for so-
cially and economically disadvantaged, 490
“Un Appel: Fière Declaration d’Intellectuels.”
See Appeals
Unified field theory: as opposed to dualistic the-
ory, 76; five-dimensional approach, see Five-
dimensional theory; of Weyl, xxxviii, 39, 89,
111–112, 118, 263, 267–268, 305
Union of Bavaria and Austria, 92
United States of America: 117; possible future
war with Japan, 236; relief aid, to Germany,
387, to Poland, 204; support for League of
Nations, 143
Universe: extension of, 293; spatially closed,
University of Berlin: closed due to unrest, 16;
closed during Kapp Putsch, 486; faculty sen-
ate, charges Nicolai, 384, expels Nicolai,
474; student council, protests against AE’s
free admission policy, 425; students apolo-
gize for uproar in AE’s lecture, 437, 601c;
students on AE’s significance, 437. See also
University of Leyden: 290n; founding of, 418n;
University Council proposes AE for special
professorship, 362, 421. See also EINSTEIN,
University of Marburg, and Neo-Kantianism,
University of Rostock: 216n; 500-year anniver-
sary, 198, 203, 216n, 261n, 580c, 584c, AE
on, 260, 280; honorary doctorate for AE,
University of Zurich, salary offered to AE, 301.
Unthan, Carl (1848–1928), 496–497
Uproar at AE’s lecture at University of Berlin.
Ussishkin, Menachem (1863–1941), 255n
Vaihinger, Hans (1852–1933): 43, 492, 494,
532, 611c; advancing blindness, 43; daugh-
ter’s suicide, 43; invites AE to Als-Ob con-
ference, 493; organizes Als-Ob conference,
532; requests paper from AE, 44
Valentiner, Siegfried (1876–1971): 74; requests
KWIP funds for research on heat conducti-
vity of insulators, 566c, rejected 566c
Valéry, Paul, 392n
Van der Waals force, 86n
Varcollier, Henri, 532n, 536
Vaterlandspartei, 348n
Venizelos, Eleftherios, 269n
Verein deutscher Ingenieure, 605c
Verein Österreichischer Chemiker, 366n
Verein zur Gründung und Erhaltung einer Aka-
demie für die Wissenschaft des Judentums,
168n, 174n, 593c
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