C A L E N D A R 1 9 2 0 6 0 1
mum of the university on Friday, 6 P.M. Provenance: Ber-
liner Tageblatt, ME.
ALS from J. J. Marthe, Berlin-Schöneberg Office of Taxa-
tion, informs Einstein that even as Swiss citizen he is
required to submit a declaration of war taxes by 15 March
Provenance: IsJHU.
[43 673].
February 15 1-page TLS from Fritz Weigert. Requests 5,000 M for his
photochemical research on the effect of polarized light on
photosensitive layers. Provenance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34,
Nr. 11, Mappe Weigert. [77 664].
February 17 States conditions for further participation in his classes in
Berliner Tageblatt, ME.
February 18 The Student Committee of the University of Berlin confirms
that there was no uproar at Einstein’s lecture, and blames
the newspapers for using the events for their own purposes.
Provenance: Tägliche Rundschau, ME.
1-page TD. Einstein’s statement on founding of Hebrew
University, possibly solicited by Hugo Bergmann (see
Doc. 266) and intended for publication in brochure. Prove-
nance: IsJHU. [36 828].
5-page ALS from W. Sazyma in Budweis. Sends drawings
and descriptions of instruments for high school demonstra-
tion of relativistic contraction of a rod moving in a straight
line, the change of the ratio of the circumference of a disk to
its diameter when set in rotation, and the motion of a body
in an elevator that is set in constant and accelerated motion,
respectively. Provenance: IsJHU. [44 870], [44 871].
February 19 1-page TLC to Vieweg publishing house. Robert W. Lawson
offers 2 pence per copy both for him and Vieweg. Einstein
will also receive a small compensation for an addendum to
the English edition (see entry of 4 February, Docs. 297 and
301). Provenance: IsJHU. [42 024].
Berlin students apologize to Einstein for disturbances at his
lecture. See Doc. 320.
after February 19 5-line ALS to Richard von Mises, appended to Friedrich
Kottler’s letter to Einstein (Doc. 319). Found Kottler’s letter
under a paper bundle. Asks for assistance for Kottler. Prove-
nance: IsJHU. [14 322.1]
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