5 9 0 C A L E N D A R 1 9 1 9
technical universities are in danger of becoming schools for
specialists, who lack a view of what is important in a broad
sense. “Das beste wäre, Universitäten und Technische
Hochschulen würden eins. Sie gehören wirklich zusam-
men.” Dismisses the false rumor that he will accept a call to
the future university in Jerusalem, stating that he does not
even speak Hebrew. Points out that many false rumors also
circulate about his political leanings, e.g., that he is a Com-
munist and anarchist. Nothing could be farther from the
truth. He believes in a planned economy for certain sectors,
and is in that sense a socialist. He does not, however, adhere
to the fixed agenda of any political party. (See Vol. 7,
Doc. 14, note 7.) Provenance: Neues Wiener Journal,
25 December 1919. [74 786, partial tr.].
1-page TLS from Vereinigung wissenschaftlicher Verleger
Walter de Gruyter & Co. to the PAW on a very brisk demand
for Einstein’s papers. Asks whether the PAW would con-
sider the possibility of a new printing thereof. Provenance:
GyBAW, II-XVI, Bd. 20, Bl. 226. [83 902].
1-page Tgm to Arnold Sommerfeld, signed by Einstein,
Max Planck, Fritz Haber, Walther Nernst, and Heinrich
Rubens. The board of directors of the DPG, yielding to the
pressure of the Vieweg publishing house, which carries the
entire financial burden, explains that continuation of the
existing journal is impossible beyond the end of the current
year. They request his participation in a meeting of the
Board with the publisher concerning the title of the new
journal on 28 or 29 December 1919. Provenance: GyMDM,
Archiv NL 89, 018, Mappe 3,7. [21 394].
December 19 Participates in a meeting of the board of directors and advi-
sory board of the DPG.
1-page ALS from Jehiel J. Weinberg, former rabbi of Pil-
wiszki, Poland (present-day Pilviškiai, Lithuania), who was
currently attending lectures, thanks to Einstein, at the Uni-
versity of Berlin. Expresses gratitude for the letter of recom-
mendation and asks for an appointment with Einstein.
Provenance: IsJHU. [45 225].
before December 20 Accepts the invitation to join the editorial board of Mathe-
matische Annalen.
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