LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Map page 2 (Illustrations follow p. 60) 1. Hermann Einstein, Albert's father. (Courtesy The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 2. Pauline Einstein, Albert's mother. (Courtesy The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 3. The house at Bahnhofstrasse 20, ca. 1930, in Ulm, where Einstein was born. (Courtesy Stadtarchiv Ulm) 4. The earliest known photograph of Einstein. (Courtesy Süddeutscher Verlag, Munich) 5. Einstein and his sister Maria (Maja) in 1884. (Courtesy L. Jacobi) 6. Plans for 1886 enlargement of Einstein villa in Munich. Upper left, the planned facade of the house upper right, plan of the entire Einstein property lower portion, ground plans of the villa. (Courtesy Stadtarchiv München) 7. The Petersschule on Blumenstrasse in Munich, the primary school Einstein attended, ca. 1880. 8. The Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich, ca. 1912. (Courtesy Stadtarchiv München) 9. Class photograph taken in 1889, when Einstein was in his first or second year at the Luitpold-Gymnasium. (Courtesy Stadtarchiv Ulm) 10. Max Talmey. (Courtesy E. Mulhern) 11. Einstein in 1893. (Courtesy The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 12. Watercolor, ca. 1900, of the factory built by Jakob and Hermann Einstein in Pavia. (Courtesy E. Migliavacca) 13. Courtyard of via Foscolo 11, Pavia, where Einstein's family lived, 1895-1896. The building dates from the seventeenth century. (Cour- tesy G. Torti) 14. Caesar Koch, Einstein's uncle, ca. 1910. (Courtesy P. Koch) 15. Gustav Maier in 1896. (Courtesy B. Anner-Maier)
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