INDEX Italic page numbers indicate references to front matter, editorial notes, appendixes, biographies, or the chronology. With few exceptions, references are collected un- der the appropriate English heading. Certain important institutions, organizations, and scientific concepts are also listed under their German designations (with cross references to the corresponding English designations), in those cases where the German designation would not otherwise be found adjacent to the English desig- nation in the alphabetical listing, or where there might be a question about the translation of the German term. The abbreviations "AE" and "MM" are used for "Albert Einstein" and "Mileva Maric," respectively. A separate index of cita- tions follows the main index. Aarau, Canton of Aargau: AE's stay in, 10-42 passim, 372-373. See also Aargau Kantons- schule Winteler family Winteler, Jost Win- teler, Pauline Winteler, Marie Aarau Töchterinstitut und Lehrerinnenseminar, 234n, 238n, 385, 389 Aargau, Canton of: AE to Department of Edu- cation, 7 September 1896, 25 Department of Education agreement with Swiss Federal School Council, 18 May 1860, 24n Aargau Kantonsschule, lxv-lxvi, 11, 12, 28, 217, 372-373 curriculum, 359-361 En- trance Report, AE's, 13-14 grades, AE's, 16-17, 23 French, AE's difficulties in, 17, 18, 28 friends of AE at (see Byland, Hans Wohlwend, Hans) Gedankenexperiment on light, AE's, 12, 372 history and organization of, 10-12 Matura examinations, AE's, 25- 42 Matura examinations, Gewerbeschule, 23-25 music examination, report on AE's, 21 teachers, list of AE's, 359-361 (see also Ganter, Heinrich Mühlberg, Friedrich Rennhart, Martin Tuchschmid, August) textbooks, 361 Winteler family, AE boards with, 12, 14, 17-18, 19 to Rektorat, from Gottlieb Käppeli, 14 September 1896, 24 (see also Winteler family Winteler, Jost Winteler, Pauline) Abraham, Max (1875-1922), 259n Absolute rest, 225, 285 Absorption spectra. See Spectra, absorption Adiabatic change of state. See Gases Adlzreiterstraße 14, Munich (Rengerweg 14), Einstein family home, and business location 1885-1894, li n, liii n Aether. See Ether Agram, 294. See Zagreb Airolo, Canton of Ticino, lxv, 372 Akademie Olympia. See Olympia Academy Algebra, AE's Aargau Kantonsschule Matura, 39-41 Amberg, Ernst (1871-1952), 298, 362, 363 Ampere, Andre-Marie (1775-1836), 200 Annalen der Physik, xl, 267, 304, 315, 375, 377 Ansbacher, Bernardo (1845-1914), 282 Ansbacher, Julie (1845-1933), 287, 296 Ansbacher, Luigi (1878-1956), 258, 262, 296 Anti-Semitism (Antisemitismus): AE's reaction to German, xxxvi in Munich Volksschule, lx n in physics departments of German uni- versities, 282 Archimedes (ca. 287-212 b.c.), 337 Assicurazioni Generali, Trieste, Italy, 305 Assistant position (Assistentenstelle). See AE, Employment, attempts to find ETH, Assi- stent Atmospheric motions (atmosphärische Bewe- gungen), 220 Atomistic explanations. See Electricity Mecha–
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