BIOGRAPHIES The following sketches provide biographical information about persons who first figure in Einstein's life in some document appearing in this volume. They give special emphasis to the subject's relationship with Einstein. The significance of that relationship and the absence of biographical information in standard reference works are the criteria used in selecting the subjects. Biographies of Hermann and Jakob Einstein are not included, since all pres- ently available information is contained in MWE and the footnotes accompanying it (pp. xlviii-lxvi). Similar biographies will appear in later Correspondence volumes. The biographies are presented alphabetically by surname. Married women are listed under both their maiden and married names the main entry is placed under the married name unless there is evidence of preference for the maiden name. Women who are Swiss nationals use the form (married name)- (maiden name), and are so listed. The surnames of biographical subjects are printed in small capital letters in all editorial matter in both the Writings and Correspondence. Besso, Michele Angelo b. 25 May 1873 in Riesbach, canton of Zurich d. 15 March 1955 in Petit-Saconnex, canton of Geneva Close friend and life-long correspondent of Einstein. Son of an insurance com- pany director from Trieste. 1879-1889, lived in Trieste attended primary school, and secondary school until expelled. 1889-1890, finished secondary school in Rome. 1890-1891, studied mathematics and physics at University of Rome. 1891-1895, studied mechanical engineering at ETH. 1896-1899, worked at electrical machinery factory in Winterthur. 1896, met Einstein at a musical evening in Zurich. Ca. 1897, recommended Mach's Mechanik and Wärmelehre to Einstein. 1898, married Anna Winteler (1872-1944), with whom he had a son, Vero (1898-1971). 1900-1901, technical expert in Milan for the Society for the Development of Electrical Enterprises in Italy. 1901, Ein- stein enlisted Michele's uncle (a professor at the Technical Institute in Milan) and father in attempts to obtain a position in Italy. 1901-1904, on father's death, returned to Trieste, where he ran his own engineering-consulting office.
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